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General conditions for passenger transfer


The contractor (NOMAD 2000 storitve d.o.o.) offers services with the vehicles according to the valid regulations which regulate the field of services. General terms of services are the foundament of every service. The contractor does not offer transport of minors ( unaccompanied or without guardian authorization) or animals (unaccompanied).


The client is every contracted customer or client of the service from the contractor´s offer. Client is also the payer of the service. Client uses the capacity of the vehicle according with the specification written in the general terms. The contractor is not obligated to offer services to anyone who does not agree with these terms.


Reservation is confirmed when the contractor receives an agreed prepayment for the transfer. The valid reservations of the services are only those who are confirmed by a contractor. The deadline for payment is indicated in the offer. Confirmed reservation includes informations of the customer, number of passengers, confirmation of the date, the pick-up location or the location of the begining of the journey, location of the final destination and a fixed price for a reserved service. Unconfirmed reservation is not an obligation for the contractor.


Preostanek plačila (gotovinsko plačilo) se izvrši neposredno pred pričetkom same vožnje. Možna odstopanja so pogodbene stranke, ki naročajo storitve izvajalca za svoje upravičence. V tem primeru je obvezen dokument prejeta naročnica / pogodba podjetja ter pisno naročilo v obliki e-sporočila. Spisek potnikov je v tem primeru tudi obvezna sestavina naročila. Pogodbeni partnerji so upravičeni do plačila računa v dogovorjenem roku (po pogodbi) ali datumom določenim na izdanem računu.


In case of a sudden / unexpected cancellations for example: change of an airplane arrival to another airport as it was reserved and paid; lost / flight delay at the arrival ( by a client´s fould); Contractor is not obligated to return the payment for that service.


The departure is defined with a moment, when a client and a contractor make a written service agreement: A client takes it’s place in the vehicle and the driver can start driving toward the desired location or by the garage-garage system.


Stopping for a break during the transfer between the start and the final destination means a stop when all the passengers leave the vehicle. On the short paths up to 250 km short stops up to 10 minutes are planed and for longer paths up to 20 minutes. Passenger can request loger stops with the drives, where agreement of all passnegers is needed. For the too frequent breaks on client’s request the driver is not responsible for delays with the arrival to the final destination.


The arrival is when all the passengers leave the vehicle on the final destination. Or by the system garage to garage.


The breakdown of the vehicle imposes obligations for contractor to provide alternative transport for the cliens at his own expenses. In case that replacement vehicle can not be supplied in 6 hours from stopping becaufe of a breakdown the contractor returns all the transfer costs.

The client is not entitled to reimbursement of other costs than those indicated in case of breakdown.

Vehicle breakdown and impact of force majerue are not the reason for compensation costs.


All vehicles are properly inspected and are in compilance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia, accident insurance of passengers is included in the price of transport. All vehicles have insurance with assistance.

Additional obligations for the driver of the vehicle impose obligations in terms of attitude according to vehicle and also to the passengers. In case of dangerous behaviour of passengers with which they may cause a damage on the vehicle, to themselves and to other passengers the driver is obliged to stop driving and before continuation he must protect the safety of other passengers and vehicle.


The client is allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage with weight of 8 kg (dimensions 55 x 40 x 20 cm) and one piece of personal luggage (up to 20 kg). With prior announcement / reservation and additional payment extra luggage is possible, sport baggage, bikes, ski equipment, windsurf board etc.

In the van it is not allowed to bring and transport dangerous substances and items such as: radioactive substances, explosives, flammable liquids, gas clinders with butane or propane, weapons, knives, poisons, corrosive substances, acids, magnets, infectious substances: viruses and bacteria, drugs. The driver is not responsible for any lost or forgotten personal items.


With prior announcement / reservation and additional payment extra lugage is possible, sport equipment, bikes, ski equipment, windsurf board. Extra baggage costs are 20 € per person or by prior agreement.


Includes every contractor cancellation. The contractor can partially or entirelly cancel the transfer, if circumstances arise which could not be avoided, predicted and prevented before or while transfer. Contractor can cancel the ride also in case if there are not enough passengers or in the case that the passengers who applied have not paid the deposit of the advance payment. The contractor is obligated to inform about the cancellation at least 24 hours before the ride and return the money to the clients.


Cancellation by the client must be done in written form (e-mail adress:

The date of written cancellation is the basic for calculating the cancellation charges:

  • Up to 7 days before the service – 30% of the value of ordered service.
  • From 7 to 5 days before the service – 80% of the value of ordered service.
  • From 4 to 1 day before the service – 90% of the value of ordered service.
  • On the day of transportation – 100% of the value of ordered service.
  • Payment of the minimal deposit for the reservation – No refund
  • Administrative costs: 5 EUR / reservation


Protection of the personal informations of our clients is important care of our company. Your personal data is protected from loss, destruction, copying, manipulation and unauthorized discovery.


Discounts and special offers are determined by the management of the company and are listed in the price list.


No additional value is charged for the passengers who enters in LjubLjana or the passengers that we pick up on the way. The main stops are marked in the transport price list. That means, that we pick up passengers for free who are max. five kilometers from the center of Ljubljana or 2.5 kilometers away from another entry point (Novo Mesto, Vrhnika etc…) Transport out from entry point is calculated by the minimum price 0,25€ per kilometer. The price amount is distributed only among those persons who have entered out of the entry point.

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