Transport from IKEA center

In Vancenter Ljubljana we offer twice a week delivery and furniture transport from Ikea centers in Klagenfurt (Austria), Graz (Austria), Vilesse (Italy) and Zagreb (Croatia). You choose the items online and we deliver them for a low price with the option of assembling the furniture.

For all inquiries and other questions you can call us on the following phone numbers:
  • 00 386 59 11 2484
  • 00 386 51 313 729
or send us an e-mail:

Additional terms of IKEA delivery:

  1. The basic price list is based on the delivery from your chosen location to Ljubljana.
  2. Additional delivery is paid according to the transport price list.
  3. The delivery price includes our help with unloading the items. Carrying the items at the delivery is not included in the price.
  4. Additional carrying is charged according to the moving service price list or preliminary agreement - or 15€/person per hour
  5. The client confirms the order to the company Nomad 2000 d.o.o. by filling the transport order and the total amount for the service is paid.
  6. In case the costumer didn't pay for the items in IKEA by himself, the company Nomad 2000 d.o.o. can pay in the costumer's name.
  7. In this case the custumer pays directly to Nomad 2000 d.o.o. for the items from IKEA - or pays according to the invoice
  8. Receiving the order and the payment confirmation is considered that the order is confirmed.
  9. Any later cancellation is considered invalid and due to the possibility of business loss, the full price of service is charged, even if the custumer after the order decides to cancel it from any reasons.
  10. Company Nomad 2000 d.o.o. is not responsible if the ordered items are not in stock at the Ikea center.
  11. The customer must check by himself, if the ordered items are in stock.
  12. In case of damaged items the carrier reserves the rights about the responsibility, because he can not check the quality of the product before. For all the products who are damaged, the client is responsible for them.
  13. The listed prices apply to the volume of products up to 5m³. The volume of products above 5m³ are considered as a new order.
  14. If you need an invoice from IKEA for your company, we need a statement from AJPES and an authorization from your company to be able to make a purchase on your behalf.


For fast and affordable offer call us - 00386 51 313729.