General terms and conditions of van rental services

Necessary documents, reservations and payments, cancellation of reservation

Reservation of vehicle is confirmed with the advance payment. Client pays it in our office or through a bank transaction. At the same time the client must make a phone call or email their personal information (name and surname, address, telephone number, company name, adress, tax number, contact person, contact telephone)

The client must bring identify document and driving license with him at the vehicle pick-up. Company can rent the vehicle after the paid proforma invoice and sumbiting a purchase order specifying the vehicle rental and rental period. With a purchase order form the possible costs that may arise later are covered in the addition to the rent price.

Without fulfilling the conditions, rental is not possible.

Cancellation of reservation

Client can at any time cancel the reservation anytime, but he covers all the arising costs himself -including the administrative costs 15 € per reservation. The right of cancellation can be enforced at the headquarters of the company Nomad 2000 d.o.o. in a written form otherwise the cancelation is not confirmed. Date of written cancelation is the base for the calculation of the costs.

In this case the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. has the right to refund the cancelation whose amount depends on time when the client submitted the written form or by email.

• For the cancelation from 14 days to 8 days before the rental - without cancellation costs

• For the cancelation from 7 days to 4 days before the rental - 30% of the rental price

• For cancelation from 3 days to 49 hours before the rental – 50% of the rental price

• For cancelation for less than 48 hours before the rental – 100% of the rental price

NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. has the right to full or partial cancellation of the contract (cancellation or change of reservation), if before the rental or during the rental exceptional circumstances arise that could not be planned, removed or avoid them and constitutes a responsible reason for the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. to not conclude the contract. Nomad 2000 d.o.o. has the right to cancel the reservation in case of suspicion of alcoholism, used in illegal cases, or because of the client aggression of inappropriate behavior. In this case the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. returns the full amount to the customer.

The rented vehicle can be driven by

People over 21 years old, who have valid driving license for at least two years.

The person who is renting a vehicle and authorized driver.

The rented vehicle must not be used

For further profitable activity without reporting the information (sublease of the third person, paid transport for the passengers and items)

For the participation on the driving competitions and testing the vehicles

Drive or tow of any vehicle or item without informing the contractor

If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If the vehicle is not in the driving condition or it is overloaded with the passengers or other cargo

Driving above the permitted speed.

In illegal purposes (robbery, exchange and custom offenses)

For a transport of easily flammable and dangerous substances)

If the client gave false informations.

Out of the road 1.,2 and 3. Category.

In case of violation of the rules above, the client will cover all damages. The amount for the compensation is determined by the contractor

Payments, delay, warranty, costs

The client is commited that he will pay charged price for the vehicle rental at the place of the vehicle pick-up or in the agreed deadline. In case that the client does not do that, he loses all the discounts and needs to pay the interest for late payment. From the payments recovered after the agreed deadline the client must pay the possible costs, defaulties and unpaid rents. The client guarantees that he wont suffer any injuries and legal proceedings and regarding to the company rights admit that he would cover all the damage expenses that might arise. The client must repay all the expenses, taxes, fees, insurances and other costs that related on the rent. In that case the company is not obligated to pay any expenses.

By signing a contract the client has to pay the security deposit. The amount of the deposit is equal to the rental price or it is set up by the company. The client guarantees that in case of negligence and disrespect the general terms of use pays all the expenses to the company. In case of lose of income the company holds the deposit in the amount of the total damage. In case that damage expenses are higher then deposit the client commits to pay the rest of payment. The company returns the deposit back if the vehicle returned in a right time without damage. In case that the vehicle is returned dirty, crashed or otherwise damaged or if the amount of fuel is insufficient the company holds the deposit on the amount of damage.

Pick-up and drop-off of rented vehicle

The vehicle is for the duration of the rent inalienable property of the contractor. The client is committed to bring back the vehicle in the same condition as it was when he received the vehicle.


The billing unit of the rent is one day (24 hours), which can be reduced by prior arrangement. The client guarantees that he will pick-up the vehicle at the agreed time. If the client is late less then two hours, the rental time is shortened by the time of the delay. If the client is late more then two hours from the agreed time the reservation is canceled. In case the client wants to extend the rental duration, he must report it to the company at least 24 hours before the rental contract expires and obtain his written consent. Extension is confirmed at the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o.

In case that the client exceeds the agreed time the first thirty minutes is not charged. After this time every extra hour (max. two hours) is charged at the rate of half day price according to the valid price list. In case that the client exceeds the agreed time for more than 120 min and does not inform the company, it is considered that the client has illegally appropriated the vehicle and the company has a right to report to the prosecution. In case the client exceeds the time of the lease for more than two hours and less than one day the client is charged by the price list as one day on the price list. Late days are charged double price by the price list for each day. The person who takes the vehicle or extends the rental contract is responsible for payment of the car rental including with the person, company or organisation on behalf of which the vehicle was taken over. In case of breaking the law the vehicle is taken immediatley.

Insurances and liabilities

The contractor offers the cover in terms of regulations and liability terms which includes: covering the damage or defect, with the exception which is related to one or more restrictions in the first paragraph of this contract and for vehicle tires damage, wheel rings, wheel ring covers and chassis damage is a a client responsibility. The client who is ensured with the insurance policy guarantess with the contract that will act acordance with the terms. The client guarantees that will cover all the damage costs that would exceed the sum of insurance policy. The client covers the damage that would arise in case of car radio thieft or mechanical damage. The client also covers the damage that could arise in case of invalid contract or driving license. The insight of original format of insurance policy is available at our office.

Client obligations in a case of an accident

The client is obligated that in case of an accident he will protect the interests of the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. and the insurance company which inludes:

1. Recording the names and addresses of all involved and witnesses of an accident and their vehicle registration number.

2. Won't confess guilt of the third person.

3. Will call the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. on the phone number (0)59 11 24 84 or (0)51 313 729 and inform them about the damage even if the damage is insigificiant.

4. Will not leave the damaged vehicle until the vehicle won't be at a safe place.

5. In case of an accident will call and wait for the police and provide assistance to the potencial victims.

6. Will complete European report form about the accident and made his statement that he will send to the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. If the client won't follow those rules and conditions will be responsible for all the consequences and damage that the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. would have had. In that case the company does not have any obligations to the client (even for a free transportation, from the scene of the accident, vehicle replacement or any other compensation)


The number of kilometers traveled during the lease period is determined by the factory built mileage counter. The client is obligated that will in case of a damaged mileage counter inform the closest office of the company NOMAD 2000 where he get all necesary informations.


The client is commited that he will take care for the vehicle and will regularly check the oil condtion in the engine and in transmission, cooling fluid, brake fluid, air pressure in the tubes, motor fuel. The client is obligated to pay all the costs incurred because of the negligence or insufficient maintenance of the vehicle.

Technical defect

In case of a technical breakdown the customer is obliged to inform the company NOMAD 2000 d.o.o. who will give the further instructions. The vehicle may be prepared only by authorized service stations, for possible replacement of parts it is necessary to submit an account of service. If the mechanical service is not done in the right way, the company NOMAD 2000 does not repay the costs. The possible damage that might be caused by non-compliance will be fully settled by the client. The client has no right to demand the replacement of a vehicle or compensation for transport and other expenses incurred during the the lease because of the breakdown or a car accident.

Car accident

If the client has fulfilled all the terms and conditions of this contract, it's liability for direct or accidental loss on board is limited to the deductible franchise amount of 2% of the cost of the new vehicle on the day of the payment of the damage. If the client does not report damage from a traffic accident or any other damage, the client covers all the damage incurred on the vehicle if the insurance company refuses to pay it.


The fuel is not included in the rental price. The vehicle is delivered and must be returned with a full tank which is prescribed for each type or it must be at least as much it was in the tank at the vehicle pick-up. Otherwise the company NOMAD 2000 can charge the amount of missing fuel and also the costs of filing the tank by the price list. If the client brings back the vehicle with more fuell that it was on the begining the company NOMAD 2000 does not return the money back.

Documents, keys and licence plates

The vehicle is equipped with the necessary documents for which the client is responsible. Documents of the vehicle should never be left in a parking or abandoned vehicle. The client must lock the vehicle. In case of the loss of the above mentioned objects the client has to inform the contractor. For lost items the contractor will charge you the costs according to the valid price list.

Loss of the property

The contractor is not liable for the client's property or the property of another person who left it in the rented vehicle or on it, in a service vehicle or at the premises of the contractor. The client gives up any claim that would arise from the aforementioned losses and related damages.

Observance the traffic regulations

The client is responsiable for all obligations that would arise because of disregard the traffic regulations, improper parking or violation of rules.

Driving abroad

For driving a rented vehicle outside Slovenija the client must receive a written consent of the contractor and the conract must indicate the driving location and exact location. In case that the rent vehicle stays abroad overnight the lesse is obliged to park the vehicle in a hotel or in another secured garage.