Price list moving service

No. of work hours Price per hour
2 - 4 66 € + VAT
5 - 8 60 € + VAT
9 - 12 54 € + VAT
longer time on request

The price of moving service includes van rental, protection foil and two workers.

Minimum number of hours that are charged at the arrival of our team are two hours. The hours are charged by the sytem garage to garage. For moving service Ljubljana are considered all transports up to 70 km.

In case that you have any special wishes and requests, call our moving service Vancenter or send us an email and together we will find the optimal solution.

The price list is valid from 20.12.2022. Prices don't include the highway tolls and parking. In a case of a long term cooperation we offer you additional discounts.

Additional services:

  • Waiting hour: 15 € / h + VAT
  • Any additional worker: 20 €/ h + VAT
  • For services performed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and outside of working hours the price is 15% higher
  • For special transport, which requires foreign speaking drivers, the price is 15% higher


For fast and affordable offer call us - 00386 51 313729.